Artist: Agnes Schneidewind

Sun/ Moon/ kisses and Planet Earth
Performance by Masoumeh Jalalieh, Laura Pudelek, Rotraund Kern, Agnes Schneidewind, Robert Steijn and Daniel Zimmerman

27.10.2023 // 17.00

Free entrance

Showing of the next phase of the project by Masoumeh Jalalieh, Laura Pudelek, Rotraund Kern, Agnes Schneidewind, Robert Steijn and Daniel Zimmerman. This time the showing is called: Sun/ Moon/ kisses and Planet Earth. The artists research how they can create a new cosmology that gives a new perspective on how to relate to the turbulent times we live in. They explore through physical states, touch, music, dance and film to create counter-narratives and re-wilding myths to open still unknown potentials to activate our resilience and resistance to the dominant thinking, of thinking of power & violence while causing pollution. Time for dream time.

Image credits: Robert Steijn

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and now
An experience of a flow of sculptures of voices of sounds of dances.

By Johanna Nielson & Marina Poleukhina
Guest: Agnes Schneidewind

22.8.2023 // 20.00

Marina and Johanna met in Vienna. They fell in love with what each of them does and decided to play together. Within a series of improvised performances they are searching for weightless but tangible sculptures, full of sensibility. Unknown, vulnerable and transparent, yet strong and sometimes irritating are the stories they compose live and in the moment.
Allowing spaces to become a shared playground with the audience for the awkward, the failure and for the magic of sensing the here and now.

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the monkey mind

a proposal by Frans Poelstra for an improvisation performance
Performers: Xava Mikosch, Frans Poelstra and Agnes Schneidewind

06. April 2023
pay as you wish

Note from Frans Poelstra
In this improvisation performance we will let our monkey mind come to surface and let it manifest itself in the performance space of Eindorf. In Vipassana meditation one sits still for one hour, in this monkey mind meditation we will act and do a lot, and more, in one hour.

MEDITATIONS is the first in a series of ongoing improvisation performances in different venues curated by Frans Poelstra. In MEDITATIONS he explores, together with collaborators from a variety of backgrounds, different strategies for improvisation.

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