and now
An experience of a flow of sculptures of voices of sounds of dances.

By Johanna Nielson & Marina Poleukhina
Guest: Agnes Schneidewind

22.8.2023 // 20.00

Marina and Johanna met in Vienna. They fell in love with what each of them does and decided to play together. Within a series of improvised performances they are searching for weightless but tangible sculptures, full of sensibility. Unknown, vulnerable and transparent, yet strong and sometimes irritating are the stories they compose live and in the moment.
Allowing spaces to become a shared playground with the audience for the awkward, the failure and for the magic of sensing the here and now.

Johanna Nielson is (also) a dance and performance artist, who lives and works in Vienna. Her artistic practice involves dance, voice and improvisation with a focus on phenomena of the sensual and sense-able. In collaboration with Agnes Schneidewind she made a series of performative experiments (AH I SEE) dealing with mechanisms of translation and
perception. Johanna explores the interplay of (experimental) music and dance with such artists as Tobias Leibetseder, Marina Poleukhina and Stefan Voglsinger. She performed with luxflux, Arne Mannott, Alexander Chernishkov/Error Theater, Evandro Pedroni, Oleg Soulimenko, and many more.

Marina Poleukhina is composer and improviser. The focus of her artistical attention lies in an interdisciplinary work. Her music unite a creation of a world that goes beyond only sounds. It connects movement, light, video projections on unusual surfaces, manipulation of ordinary devices that make them become instruments, objects that create their own space. This evolves into new and unexplored acoustical situations of an intense complexity. A territory made of
crossroads of genres. Her music is played on festivals: Ultima (Oslo), Wien Modern (Vienna), Path Festival (Verona), MATA (New York) and others. She works with musicians such as Jennifer Torrence, Alexander Chernyshkov, Alessandro Baticci, Stefan Voglsinger, Tomomi Adachi; with choreographers such as Johanna Nielson, Paul Wenninger, Agnes Schneidewind.

Foto 1 by Le Monsieur Flash, Foto 2 (Goldreflection) by Marina Poleukhina