Sun/ Moon/ kisses and Planet Earth
Performance by Masoumeh Jalalieh, Laura Pudelek, Rotraund Kern, Agnes Schneidewind, Robert Steijn and Daniel Zimmerman

27.10.2023 // 17.00

Free entrance

Showing of the next phase of the project by Masoumeh Jalalieh, Laura Pudelek, Rotraund Kern, Agnes Schneidewind, Robert Steijn and Daniel Zimmerman. This time the showing is called: Sun/ Moon/ kisses and Planet Earth. The artists research how they can create a new cosmology that gives a new perspective on how to relate to the turbulent times we live in. They explore through physical states, touch, music, dance and film to create counter-narratives and re-wilding myths to open still unknown potentials to activate our resilience and resistance to the dominant thinking, of thinking of power & violence while causing pollution. Time for dream time.

Image credits: Robert Steijn

Masoumeh Jalalieh is a Vienna-based choreographer and dancer with a background in physical theater (mime), graphic design, and illustration.
Her approach to dance is undoubtedly interwoven with her homeland Iran’s society, culture, and ritual carpet. ‘I carry my origins with me, and thus communicate myself, my country, and its people through my artistic statements.’
As a contemporary artist, she likes to research interdisciplinary codes in images, sounds, and movement. ‘The body is a complicated collection of all elements of nature, such as time, space, speed, etc. I explore those through movement. This way, I communicate my imagination using the ultimate language human beings have at their disposal.’

Laura Pudelek lives and works as a live and studio musician in Vienna.
She studied cello with a focus on improvisation and new music at the Mainz University of Music and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (graduation with distinction) with Raphael Wallfisch and Wolfgang Aichinger.

Rotraud Kern, 1979 in Oberösterreich geboren, lebt, nach ihrer Tanzausbildung am SEAD (Salzburg), seit 2004 als freischaffende Performerin und Choreografin in Wien. Sie arbeitete bis 2009 mit Paul Wenninger zusammen. Neben eigenen Produktionen und Recherchen arbeitete sie u. a. mit Lisa Hinterreithner, Saskia Hölbling, Georg Blaschke, Anne Juren, Klaus Spiess, Claudia Bosse/Theatercombinat. Sie ist Gründungsmitglied der cowbirds, die sich mit polyphonem Liedgut aus Korsika und Sizilien beschäftigen. Als Schülerin von Dr. Ming Wong praktiziert sie seit 18 Jahren Tai Ki Kung. Ihre letzte Arbeit lovage entstand 2021. Seit der gerade abgeschlossenen Ausbildung zum NESC (neuro embodied soul centering) Coach verbindet sie ihre Körperpraktiken zur Bewusstseinserweiterung mit dem Wissen über das autonome Nervensystem.

Agnes Schneidewind is working with the dreaming body, its articulations, and manifestations through different media, with a practice based in somatic movement and craniosacral therapy, with a concern for (collective) working processes and poetic environments. Agnes has created different performative experiments and pieces, the most recent one, “through which they have wandered”, a collaboration with Johanna Nielson and Zoumana Meїté, premiered in December 2022 at brut Wien.

Robert Steijn (1958) is based in amsterdam and mexico city as a choreographer, director, dramaturge, performer and writer. Robert Steijn, performer, choreographer. Together with the Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio he runs the School of tender thinking, combining spirituality, art and healing practices, inspired by plant medicine and trance rituals. Their last performances are the avocado project and tunes for the living. His last solo is called Esoteric dancing(Vienna, 2021). Lately he has worked with the choreographers Inger-Reidun Olsen, Marianne Skjeldal, Elle van Campenhout, Jasmina Krizaj, Simon Wehrli, Maria Hassabi, Lisa Hinterreither, Salome Schneebeli, Sophia Rodriguez, Jaskaran Anand, Marta Izquierdo, Agnes Schneidewind, Johanna Nielson, Zoumana Meïté, Asher Lev and Irina Lavrovic. Currently he collaborated with Daniel Zimmermann at a movie called Der Wurf.

Daniel Zimmermann is a visual artist, dramaturge and film director. Originally trained as a wood sculptor, he works with film, installation and performance art. His work is based on a fictional actionism that is situated between visual and performance art. His projects include films that have been screened at renowned international film festivals such as the Berlinale, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Sundance Film Festival. He has received numerous prizes and grants for his films and art projects.