Artist: Sunggu Hong

Tofu Equation

One day Exhibition and Performance
Performers: Sunggu Hong, Jinkyoung Park, Jieun Choi

03. May 2023
Exhibition opens at: 6pm
Performance starts at: 7pm (25min)
Freie Eintritt

Come and eat Tofu 😊
Do you have a question or problem you cannot find the answer to or a logical cause that makes you clear? Tofu could be the answer for these questions.

The interactive Performance “Tofu Equation” shows how we or objects are related to each other. This relation means ‘our’ behaviors, movements or its resulting effects are interdependent. “The Tofu Equation” is another name of “indeterminate equation” which could have more than one answer because of its variable and interdependency of Unknown.

It could be said that our Society or Life got better and more free than in the old times. But can we say therefore we became proportionally happier and freer? “Tofu Equation” wants to ask ourselves how happy we are in a society, which constantly likes to give us guilty consciences.
*There is a tradition in South-Korea that a prisoner should eat a Tofu after finishing their prison life. Eating Tofu symbolizes a sort of ritual that the prisoner gets a chance to start their life afresh and it also means to promise that they wouldn’t commit a crime anymore.

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