Artist: Mario Wandu

Citizen of myself & El espanto de Tonalli
Presented by 6METROScuadrados
artists: Mario Wandu and Cuaco Navarro

opening 09. 11. 2023 um 18:00
Performance by Mario Wandu um 19:00 Uhr

Ausstellung: vom 09.11. bis zum 14.11.2023 von 11:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

Free entrance

Artists Mario Wandu and Cuaco Navarro have been individually researching and working on the projects Citizen of myself and El espanto de Tonalli. After a residency in eindorf, the artists will create a structure of coexistence between the two artistic processes and manifest it in an exhibition.
Citizen of myself is an experiment by Cuaco Navarro about the experiential processes that his neurodivergent and racialised body faces daily to the stimuli and impressions of the city, seen as a living entity not only from the aspect of the urban but also from the social (urbitas and civitas).On the other hand, in El espanto de Tonalli, Mario Wandu uses Tonalli’s concept of indigenous Nahua to reflect on the structural and systemic uncertainty and violence suffered by victims of C-19 in Mexico and the rest of the world.

Mario and Cuaco have worked together for many years under the name of the collective Save the Artist, both as artists and curators. Citizen of myself & El espanto de Tonalli is part of the project 6METROScuadrados, initiated and curated by artist Guadalupe Aldrete in collaboration with the Mexican Cultural Institute in Vienna.

Image credits: Save the Artists

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