Cuaco Navarro


artist in residency in november 2023 and artists exhibiting in “Citizen of myself & El espanto de Tonalli”

Cuaco Navarro
(Guadalajara, Jal.1982)
Visual artist and creator of contemporary art content, he works with mediums such as drawing, photography, installation, video and actions. His work leans towards the processual with nihilistic, sarcastic, critical and contemplative themes. He has made site-specific interventions, as well as exhibitions nationally and internationally for both institutions and independent spaces.
He is a teacher of arts and humanities and creator of workshops on current art topics, he has developed curatorial works such as „Unflux“ 2012, „Follow me“ 2014, and „Casual Cruelty“, „Calzada Libertad“ 2015 „Save the artist“ 2018, La Okupa Cuir 2019. „After party“ 2021 „Happy Landscape“ „Stems and Pentagrams“ „Mas alla de lo Natural“ 2022 „Splash“ and „Nadie Aterriza“ 2023 for the fair Material. He has done scenography, art direction, artist registration, illustrations for independent publishers and collaboration with musicians and sound artists.
Director of Astilla Arte Actual virtual space dedicated to the management, promotion and creation of site-specific content, co-author of LASJDD Art-Education project, collaborator of „Letters to a young photographer“ mail-art project between children from the state of Hidalgo and Guadalajara, Creator of Save the artist, a processual piece of welfare performance that hosts and produces projects by other artists. He is a grantee of PECDA CONACULTA 2013 and 2017, PACMyC 2013 and Proyecta GDL, 2015, 2018, PAC 2020 and Material Art Fair 2021. He is currently studying the Master of Lifelong Learning in Arts and Artistic Professions at UC3M-CBA.