Un Pueblo
Exhibition and Performance by Guadalupe Aldrete

31. May 2023
Exhibition opens at: 18:00
Performance starts at: 19:00 (20min)

Duration: Opening on 31.05.2023. Accessible until 04.06.2023
Open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 19:00

Freie Eintritt

In „Un Pueblo“, the Mexican multidisciplinary artist Guadalupe Aldrete draws inspiration from her temporary home at eindorf.
Using the Spanish translation of the name of the venue, Guadalupe takes the opportunity to reflect on her place in this world: the village she seemed to have grown up in (the village of the stories told by her parents), the village she actually grew up in (the social housing neighbourhood that functioned as her own village) and the mental village she seems to move through in her life in Vienna.
This project, which oscillates between the political and the personal, includes installations and video works as well as a performance on the opening day.

Un Pueblo is part of the official programme of the “Bezirksfestwochen 2023”
Friendly supported by the Stadt Wien through the MA7 and the 15th Bezirk


Guadalupe Aldrete, formerly known as Lala Nomada, is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist based in Vienna. Parallel to her training as a visual artist she participated in several performance and body awareness workshops with internationally recognized artists. Most recently with Daria Halprin and Guillermo Gómez Peña. In 2018 she completed a master in „Art & Science“ at the University of Applied Arts Wien. In 2021 she obtained the Stipendium für Tanz und Performance together with Andrea Vezga for the development and realisation of the performance „Soft Aliens“.

Her work has been presented internationally in several art festivals and exhibitions in the framework of individual and collaborative projects. These include residencies in the Austrian Frauenmuseun Hittisau (2021) and at the Chinese Lushan Art Museum (Sichuan, 2018), as well as commissioned works for the inauguration of the Croatian Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (2018) and an upcoming performance at the Science Gallery London (May 2023). Her solo exhibition “Diluidos” was presented at the Michaela Stock Gallery (Vienna, 2018) and “Antes de la Oxitocina” at the Mexican Cultural Institute of the Mexican Embassy in Vienna (2020). Both shows included performances and performative – created artworks.

Photo Credits
Photo 1: Denise Parizek
Photo 2+3: Guadalupe Aldrete
Photo 4+5: Momo Beck
Photo 6: Theresa Wey