A workshop on mother*ing, embodiment and care
with Shabari Rao and Barbara Mahlknecht


Sunday, December 4, 2022, 10.45–14.15

Limited number of participants. Please send your registration and enquiries to:

The workshop is aimed at all FLINTA*_persons who position themselves as mothers*
or have a strong emotional and corporal relationship to this topic.

Every human life begins in the mother’s womb, yet mother*hood is marginalised…

Every human life begins in the mother’s womb, yet mother*hood is marginalised. We
all have mothers*, and maternal labour is care work. Care is fundamental for preserving
and continuing humanity and the planet. Mothers* themselves experience little care,
although they often bear the greatest care burden. Mothers* their labour are often
relegated to the „private“, they are isolated, and their experiences are seemingly

The workshop explores mother*hood on an embodied and emotional level. How and
where do experiences, ideas, desires and conflicts concerning mother*hood
accumulate in the body? How can we explore our bodies on the topic of mother*hood
and share this exploration with others? What tactics of (mutual) care can be

Through mapping, sharing and caring, we will individually and collectively explore
motherhood and its relation to body and sensation and develop strategies for a caring

Please bring crayons and markers, a pad and a drink. Warm comfortable clothing
and a cushion are great. The workshop is free of charge, a voluntary donation
is welcome. Please arrive between 10.30 and 10.50 to settle.

Shabari Rao, artist and academic, works on education, mental health, gender and
environment. Her work encompasses a variety of practices: performance, curating,
teaching, writing and most recently experimental film and audio practice.

Barbara Mahlknecht is a curator, art educator, researcher, and teacher. Her current
curatorial research looks at care struggles. She works on topics such as: the archive
as site of embodiment, memory and transformation; mother*hood; decolonial
practices in the museum.