Guadalupe Aldrete


Performance 20 min

Recuerdos, that is, memories is a modern ritual of externalisation and with it the extirpation of moments from an early age, moments that seem regrettable, moments that although they were not, somehow I wanted to believe that I was in control of the situation.

It was when I tried to remember my own birth that I discovered the enormous amount of information accumulated in my skin. Memories of before and after birth, memories of my childhood, memories of love but also of fear and pain. It is also the skin that functions as the canvas of our heritage, of our origin, of the colour of our ancestry and of what seems to be our destiny.

The embodiment of heritage and ancestry. That is the meaning of my work.
The colour pink refers to the skin, but to the skin inside our body, where we all look the same, where our nerves run. The processed black takes its form from coal and is a call and materialisation of all my ancestry and the burdens they inherited.

Guadalupe Aldrete, formerly known as Lala Nomada, is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist based in Vienna. Her work, oscillating between the personal and the political, is the result of an auto-ethnographic research carried out in the form of performative processes. These are manifested in the form of performances in front of an audience or in various visual media, such as photography, video, painting or installation.
Trained as a plastic and visual artist, upon her arrival in Europe in 2006 began a training in theatrical improvisation, which later led to several performance art workshops. Since 2009 performance has been the most important medium of her artistic practice.
Her work has been presented internationally at various art festivals and exhibitions in the framework of solo and collaborative projects. These include residencies at the Austrian Frauenmuseum Hittisau (2021) and at the Lushan Art Museum (China, 2018), as well as commissioned works, for example for the opening of the Croatian Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (2018), among many others.

Fotocredit: Momo Beck